Thursday, November 10, 2005

Real Men of Genius: Coming Soon

Good Morning Bloggsville!! Just a quick post today to inform you that a new regularly updated series of posts will begin this weekend here at the DWB. The series will be called Real Men of Genius and each week, a single genius who has helped the progress of mankind will be profiled.
Since this will be an ongoing thing over the next few months or so I want to generate plenty of discussion from you guys. Maybe we could start by getting a few suggestions of someone you think is real man (or woman) of genius, just post a comment and let me know.
Anyway for those of you who were hoping for an article to read might I suggest visiting for a rather cynical insight into the new concept of Intelligent Design.
Enjoy, and remember to come back soon


Blogger DarkWood said...

Wow, man, I appreciate your kindness. :-) Wow, though, real folks of genius. Well, why not go waaaaay back and take a look at Diogenes?

3:04 pm  

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