Sunday, October 30, 2005

Government Health Warning: 80s Movie Parody May Churn Stomachs

Good morning everyone, I’d like to take a moment to apologise for not updating my blog for a while. The truth of the matter is I’ve spent the last two weeks shaving my bare-arsed monkey Royston in preparation for the Jethro Tull tattoo he wants for Christmas.

Like me, some you will undoubtedly know some media studies students/film buffs that may (or may not) have told you about the apparent ‘homo-erotic’ subtext of 80’s high-octane cheese flick Top Gun. When I first heard of this I thought fair enough, but to my dismay this morning when flicking through the music channels I discovered a Top Gun parody with a less than subtle ‘BENT’ subtext.

Those of you in the UK may be way ahead of me on this one, but the (ah ‘hem) artist I’m talking about is Will Young. The snivelling shmuck originally of pop idol fame has really outdone himself this time, wearing a helmet labelled cowboy he’s made himself look fruitier than a male wedding planner’s salad bowl. And that’s not all, the video is interlaced with clips of Mister Young & Co. playing beach volleyball, and the moustached Goose character looks so stereotypically fruity he’d have looked over the top as an extra in the Blue Oyster Club in the Police Academy movies.

Of course it goes without saying that the song is lyrically and musically weak, but that’s hardly surprising. Luckily for me I flicked over the channel and caught an episode of ‘How Its Made’ on Discovery about making envelopes. Which reminds me I’ve got to return to my Telly Box to see how disposable plastic cups are made.

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