Sunday, October 30, 2005

Breaking News: Buttmunch Channels Celestial Being Through Spam

Good afternoon guys, here’s another quick post which could save you guys from some unwanted emails. The other day I was looking for some information on web marketing techniques, and I stumbled across (I wouldn’t bother if I were you). At first glance this site seemed to offer all the info that I was looking for and promised me that if I subscribed I’d get 5 free E-Books covering several aspects of web marketing and promotion. Now I know your probably thinking wow the DWB must be some kind of tool if he fell for that one; but against my better judgement I signed up using a spare email address.

Sure enough I got an instant response from someone called Dr Ralph F. Wilson sending me a link to the page to get my free goodies. When I clicked on the link and the page was as blank as bats retina, I thought oh well every site gets a bit of down time I’ll try again tomorrow.

The next night (about 22 hours later), I checked my emails and to my dismay found 24 emails off Dr BUTTMUNCH of Wilson web. Infuriated, I immediately clicked on the unsubscribe link and a few days later received an email notifying me of my removal from the mailing list. But then, just when I thought my angst had finally been subdued, I noticed that Dr BUTTMUNCH had appended his email with links for bible studies with the Joyful Heart Ministries!

Who would have though that Butt-munches God type figure would approve of these sort of devious, underhand, viral-marketing techniques in order to ensnare more people into dismissing science in favour of blind faith.

Now before religious zealots come round to burn down my cave and boil me in oil I’d like to clarify one thing:

The DWB neither condones nor recommends ANY religion or belief system
because frankly I don’t give a rats-ass what you believe. However, I DO resent
being sent religious links in response to emails about marketing because the two
are completely unrelated!!

Anyway, just though I’d better let everyone know at least one way to avoid unsolicited crap in your inbox. Avoid

Take it Easy


Blogger DarkWood said...

The DWB neither condones nor recommends ANY religion or belief system

Not sure I can agree with that one completely, friend. Just a couple sentences earlier you make a comment about dismissing science for religion. Sounds like a belief system to me.

Consider, the science community birthed itself out of a need to break away from the controlling bonds of oppressive religion. Now, we see a lot of chafing against the controlling bonds of oppressive science. Not sure you can buy that? Ask any legitimate scientist what this is all about and watch 'em twitch something awful. ;-)


8:34 am  

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